HOLY Hydration® Starter Set
HOLY Hydration® Starter Set
HOLY Hydration® Starter Set

HOLY Hydration®

HOLY Hydration® Starter Set

  • All 5 HOLY Hydration® varieties
  • 3 samples per variety
  • Includes 500ml shaker
  • Delicious taste with a clear conscience
  • Free shipping
Shaker:with the black Logo Shaker
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Are you looking for a healthy refreshment for sports, hot days or drunken nights? Then try our three delicious, isotonic varieties of HOLY Hydration®: Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry Kiwi, White Peach, Pear & Cranberry - and find your favourite flavour! You will receive three samples of each flavour and a shaker at a friendship price!

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Give HOLY a go with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If your chosen HOLY flavour doesn't suit your taste, you can return the item for a refund or choose another flavour. See the full details on our taste promise here.

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What is HOLY Hydration®?

HOLY Hydration® is our sports drink with a great taste and a clear conscience! With just 0.7 grams of sugar per 500 ml & a reasonable dose of electrolytes & minerals!

Why is this good for you?

Your body is like a machine. And electrolytes & minerals are what keep him going. However, you lose a lot of it when you sweat.

HOLY Hydration® gives you everything back - and is therefore perfect for sports, hard work or party nights.

You get great taste with 100% natural flavors & real coconut water!

What makes HOLY Hydration different from other sports drinks?

From our point of view, almost everything! Here are the three most important points:

1) Unique recovery effect: Only HOLY Hydration® offers you a reasonable amount of electrolytes (potassium & magnesium). This way you get back what you lose during sport or after hard work.

2) No more artificial: Only HOLY Hydration® brings you the unique combination of coconut water, goji berry juice and natural flavors! Sounds cool? It is!

3) Sugar-free & hardly any calories: Most sports drinks are extremely high in sugar. With 0.7g sugar & 20.5 calories per 500ml, you save a lot of sugar & calories with HOLY Hydration!




100% natural fruit flavors & real tea base


Healthier than sugary sports drinks


With real coconut water & goji berry juice


Unique formula with electrolytes & minerals

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Hi, we're Philipp, Fredi & Matze,

Traditionally bottled soft drinks are delicious but often bad for you and the environment. Because that doesn't have to be the case, we founded HOLY. HOLY finally combines great flavour with a clear conscience and our promise to you is simple: first-class products, top service and a great community. Become part of the soft drink revolution now and see for yourself!