Box of 10 Hydration
Box of 10 Hydration
Box of 10 Hydration
Box of 10 Hydration
Box of 10 Hydration
Box of 10 Hydration
Box of 10 Hydration

Our 10-sample HOLY Hydration® Tasting Box

Box of 10 Hydration

  • 10 samples of a HOLY Hydration® variety of your choice
  • Perfect for tasting, on-the-go, & gifting
  • Delicious taste with a clear conscience
Flavor:Box of 10 Strawberry Kiwifruit
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10 Servings
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Want to try a flavour of HOLY Hydration® without ordering a large tub straight away? Now you can get Pink Grapefruit, White Peach & Co in the wild 10-serving tasting box. With 10 portions in a stylish box. Perfect for testing.

Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

Give HOLY a go with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If your chosen HOLY flavour doesn't suit your taste, you can return the item for a refund or choose another flavour. See the full details on our taste promise here.

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What is HOLY Energy

HOLY Energy® is your tasty & healthier alternative to conventional energy drinks - without sugar, without taurine & without artificial flavourings. Instead, HOLY Energy® offers you a fruity, intense flavour with a long-lasting boost thanks to NewCaff® and many other functional ingredients. And all this with less than 20 calories per serving. WHAT DISTINGUISHES HOLY ENERGY® FROM HORRIBLE ENERGY DRINKS?

From our point of view, pretty much everything:

1. HOLY contains zero sugar & less than 20 kcal per 500ml - common energy drinks have around 50g sugar and 220 kcal.

2. HOLY comes without artificial flavors or questionable ingredients such as taurine. With us you get 100% natural fruit flavors and colors.

3. HOLY contains many vitamins and nootropics that, according to numerous studies, improve concentration and performance. The micro-encapsulated caffeine NewCaff™ is released over 4 hours and gives you a long & consistent push!

4. At just 80 cents per serving, HOLY is significantly cheaper than normal energy drinks - and is also tastier, more functional & more sustainable.

5. Good for the planet: One HOLY Energy® Tub replaces fifty 500ml energy cans. Delivered quickly and sustainably with DHL GoGreen. Sounds cool? It is! Try it now. Find out more about the ingredients and effects of HOLY at How It Works.




100% natural fruit flavours & colourings

clear conscience

Healthier than conventional energy drinks


No sugar, taurine or other questionable ingredients


Unique formula with patented NewCaff® & green tea extract

HOLY Hydration®

Pink Grapefruit

When it rolls, it rolls right: We have reinvented the isotonic classic!

For your conscience
For your taste
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Hi, we're Philipp, Fredi & Matze, traditionally bottled soft drinks are delicious but often bad for you and the environment. Because that doesn't have to be the case, we founded HOLY.

HOLY finally combines great flavour with a clear conscience and our promise to you is simple: first-class products, top service and a great community. Become part of the soft drink revolution now and see for yourself!